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It's a Gift Guide: Candles

It's a Gift Guide: Candles

Be honest, you love setting things on fire. We all do, at least a little bit. Why else would candles be such an enduring and beloved product? Humanity has long moved past the need for candles as sources of warmth or light and fragrance-wise there are a multitude of other ways to scent your life. No, I maintain that everybody is a baby pyro, even if they don’t realize or want to admit it. Actually, there is research that says that candles make people happier. So, with that in mind and with the holidays fast approaching, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite easy-to-give, even-easier-to-love gift, candles.

A candle is an intimate gift, but also quite an easy one. If you don’t know somebody well, there’s no doubt that they will enjoy a candle and you can simply make an educated guess on the type of scent they might prefer. If you do know someone well, a perfectly-chosen candle is not only something that they will enjoy, but also something that will remind them of you each time they literally and/or figuratively, get lit.

For the book-lover

Byredo Bibliotheque Candle

This candle is literally meant to be library-scented so no self-respecting reader will be able to resist. Officially the notes are fruity on top, floral at heart and respectably vanilla, leather, and patchouli at the base. I have never heard a more accurate description of a library. Plus, Byredo’s Scandi-influenced minimalist label is so unbearably cool, if the smell doesn’t win you over, the aesthetics surely will.

For the mysterious

Maison Louis Marie No.3 L'Etang Noir Candle

Soft lighting, moody atmosphere, pleasant smells, there’s no denying the sultry appeal of a candle and this one leans right into it’s seductive nature with a mysterious and slightly delicious scent. There’s a nice mix of spicy notes here, including anise, nutmeg, ginger and clove, making this candle equally festive (Christmas in a cup?) as it it is enticing.

For the boys

Boy Smells Lanai Candle

This brand may be called Boy Smells, but they mean it in a good way! This scent represents the inherent duality of a tropical volcano. Sweet notes like coconut and orange blossom remind you of a lush tropical setting, while notes of coal, pink peppercorn and clove remind you of danger. It’s all about the circle of life.

For the minimalist

Takazawa Tohaku Candle

There has never been a cooler or more nonchalant candle. This ovoid candle is made by Japanese company Takazawa, which was founded in 1892 and uses the same techniques that were created in the 16th century. Their candles are made using plant-based materials, meaning they create less soot and smoke. Plus, they are very cute.

For the posh bohemian

Himalayan Primrose Hill Candle

This candle comes in a glamorous yet understated antique-mirror-esque jar and has a scent named after one of London’s most subtly bougie neighborhoods. Lavender and sandalwood keep things floral and earthy, while vanilla and amber provide a rich (in more ways than one) base. Also, this is a double-wick candle, which makes for all the more fire-lighting fun.


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