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A Freelancer's Uniform

Being a freelancer has many unique perks. Not least of all is the freedom to work almost anywhere you’d like, and wearing just about anything. During the winter this freedom can sometimes feel like a blessing and a curse. After all, what’s stopping you from staying in your warm bed, wrapped up in the covers with your laptop, “working” away? In fact this is a dangerously enticing proposition even in the summer months. However, as much as I love lounging in my pajamas, it’s important for your mental and physical well being to force yourself to get up and get dressed on most days. But what will you wear? Obviously anything too formfitting and constricting is out of the question, but you do want to look sufficiently polished, as well as be comfortable. Here are a few pieces to make working from home just a little bit better.

Bottoms: Cozy-stylish sweats, sweater skirt, cool leggings


Cashmere, drop crotch, cropped. Enough said.


A slim merino skirt looks polished but feels better than sweats.


Ideal, in case you decide to go for an impromptu run.

Tops: Elevated hoodie, wooly flannel, perfect little tee


A cranberry-hued cashmere cropped hoodie is festive and fun.


Nothing beats a flannel. A wooly texture and a menswear shape add to the appeal.


This little tee is made in a pleasantly chunky french terry.

Extras: Delicate jewels, cozy socks, soft throw


A teeny-tiny emerald is the perfect reminder of all the green you'll be making.


Perfect for any activity, including staying indoors all day long.


A little orange and alpaca brightens up any day.

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