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Pack and Snack: Boulder, Colorado

Pack and Snack: Boulder, Colorado

Located at the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and home to the University of Colorado at Boulder, this little mountain town is both quaint and sophisticated. The vibe is decidedly outdoorsy, but there’s also a touch of elegance to Boulder, with the Pearl Street Mall, a four block long outdoor mall, stylish hotels and delicious food options.

This is part of Big Sky Country, sitting about a mile above sea level. The view of the mountains combined with slightly thinner air and bright sunlight make Boulder quite the experience.

What to Pack: Chunky sunglasses, comfy sandals and a versatile dress

Being a mile above sea level also means being a mile closer to the sun. Colorado’s sunshine is stunning but intense. A good pair of sunglasses is essential if you want to get a view of those mountains without squinting. A pair with a chunky frame, will cover half your face giving you more sun protection than any SPF can offer.

Boulder is a place where hiking is the norm, so be ready to walk, a lot. Consider a sleek pair of sandals with an ankle strap. Slip-ons are great but they also have the tendency to, you know, slip off, so a pair that will stay on your feet no matter how rough the terrain is ideal.

An easy dress with a stylish cut is simultaneously practical, comfortable and undeniably cool. A lightweight breathable fabric will keep you cool in a more literal sense.

What to Snack: OZO Coffee

OZO is Boulder’s answer to the hipster coffee shop. Founded in 2007, the team uses ethical and sustainable coffees from around the world. The vibe inside is relaxed, making it a great spot to get cozy with your laptop or chat with friends. Plus they also have a nice selection of merchandise, from t-shirts to tumblers, all excellent souvenir options.

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